Le Must from Triolet (North) A little tour for great memories…

The flight route from our Triolet base comprises an overview of the northern landscapes. Admire the swarm of daily activities in Grand Bay and the array of fishing boats from high up the sky.
You will soon approach the Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Coin) on the North Coast and Flat Island (l’île Plate), home to several species of reptiles. Corail Hélicoptères is the only aviation company in Mauritius licensed to make you discover the northern islets.
Towards the end of the flight, you will fly over Ile d’Ambre, and witness the sinking of the Saint-Géran ship. This incident was the main plot of Paul and Virginie by the french writer Bernardin de Saint-Pierre and even today, some Mauritians still believe the story to be a fact!


Flight duration: about 25 minutes*
Price per person: 12 500 MUR / ~ 250 EUR
Private flight available upon request
*It should be noted that the feasibility of the flight is subject to good weather conditions.

Le Magique from de Triolet (North)


Flight duration: about 45 minutes*
Price per person: 17,500 MUR / ~ 350 EUR
Private flight available upon request
*It should be noted that the feasibility of the flight is subject to good weather condition

Let the magic of Mauritius take over…
For 40 minutes of flight, Corail Hélicoptères brings to you the best of Mauritius. A warm welcome awaits you at our Triolet base and you can enjoy the comfort of our lounge while waiting to board our helicopter. After a briefing session about your flight, the wonderful journey starts!

Seen from the sky, the busy city of Port-Louis is a wonderful show. The sixteen silos of the Moulin de La Concorde and the ships at the dock will mark the beginning of your helicopter tour. Do not forget to keep an eye on the Albion Lighthouse! From flying over green spaces and blue lagoons, you will soon reach Benitiers Island (Ile Bénitiers).

Overlooking the south-western lagoon is the majestic Le Morne Brabant, officially a UNESCO heritage. The Undersea Waterfall with its shades of blue and green seems to plunge to infinity while the kaleidoscope of coloured earth of Chamarel will give you an insight into magic! The Black River Gorges allows you to admire the endemic flora and fauna and the waterfalls of Tamarin are just thin curtains revealing rocky plates sculpted by Nature.

The Pieter Both mountain is one of the key attractions of Mauritius. The legend goes by a man who broke a pact with angels and was thus transformed in a mountain! At last, if you have not been able to climb the Le Pouce mountain, an overflight by Corail Hélicoptères will be an absolute delight!

The ultimate tour to discover the island…


Flight duration: about 75 minutes*
Price per person: 155 000 MUR / ~ 3100 EUR
Private flight available upon request
*It should be noted that the feasibility of the flight is subject to good weather conditions.

Like the name suggests, this is the tour par excellence if you do not wish to miss out on the beauty of Mauritius. However, some sites are difficult to reach on foot or by car, and traveling around the island might cost you hours and hours of rest! Corail Hélicoptères saves the day by making you discover the island for about an hour.

As a start to your journey, you will fly over the mountains of Pieter Both and Le Pouce. Headed to the south of Mauritius, the scene of the waterfalls of Tamarins in the middle of greeneries is certainly breathtaking. As you approach the Black River Gorges, you will have the opportunity to watch Paille-en-queue birds. After a detour over Benitiers Island (Ile Benitiers), you will be enthralled with the undersea waterfall near Le Morne Brabant.

If you are still pondering over the fact that you have flown over the rainbow-colored earth of Chamarel, you are in for another surprise! Have you ever seen an islet right in the middle of a lake? Ganga Talao will make you live through this unique experience and the dormant volcano crater will give you an insight into the geographic formation of Mauritius.

In the east of the island, the Ile aux Cerfs stands out with its unusually white sandy beaches, hotels, and a golf course. Next is the Ile d’Ambre, near Belle-Mare beach. Pursuing the flight towards the north, the Flat Island (Ile Plate) proudly welcomes you with its unique lighthouse. The Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Coin) near Cap Malheureux will be the last site as you return to the base of Triolet.


  • Pick up and drop off in all the parts of the island
  • Prices are per vehicle type and not per person
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